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The data we collect is crucial for improving conservation of sharks and rays on coral reefs around the world. It’s also visually engaging, which helps us communicate our science to communities everywhere. Check out our videos, most of which are taken directly from baited remote underwater video systems (BRUVS) used in our scientific research.

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We've deployed BRUVs in 58 countries and territories. Take the world tour of our footage, findings and conservation accomplishments.



Sharks are the primary focus of our studies and we have captured footage of many iconic species coming in to check out our BRUVS.


Rays are the flat cousins of sharks, and many people are surprised to learn that they are actually more threatened than their better-known relatives. Global FinPrint will provide the first-ever global assessment of rays.

Other Marine Life

It’s not just sharks and rays that come in to check out our BRUVS. Our survey has provided a unique window into the underwater world when people are not around.