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Mark Meekan

Fish Biologist - AIMS

Research Locations: Indian Ocean

Principal Research Scientist, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Dr. Meekan’s research interests fall within the broad topic of the ecology of larval reef fishes and elasmobranchs. His research looks at the sensory ecology and behaviour of reef fish during the larval and juvenile stages. Dr. Meekan has worked as the fish ecologist at the Australian Institute of Marine Science’s Karratha out-station in Western Australia and the scientist in charge of the Darwin office.


  • Examines the ecology of larval fish with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies.
  • Quantifies the effects of fishing on sharks in northern Australian waters.
  • Examines the ecology and migration patterns of elasmobranchs and reef fishes.
  • Publications


  • Ph.D. School of Environmental Sciences, Griffith University
  • M.S. Department of Biological Sciences, Auckland University