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Michelle Heupel

Marine Ecologist - AIMS

Research Locations: Pacific Ocean

Principal Research Scientist, Australian Institute of Marine Science

Dr. Heupel is currently involved in projects examining the long-term residence and movements of inshore and reef predators including sharks, rays, and large teleost fishes. This research will include defining how individuals use space in relation to human activities (e.g. fishing, marine park zoning, boating) and environmental change (e.g. response to salinity, temperature change or extreme weather events). Defining underlying mechanisms for movement is a key aspect of this research. Other research interests include continuing to explore the role of shark nursery areas to the biology and ecology of coastal species and examining parasites of sharks.


  •  Long-term monitoring of inshore predators within a dynamic coastal system.
  • Movement of coral reef predators in relation to environmental conditions.
  • Connectivity of reef habitats for mobile predator species.
  • Analysis of marine park zoning in the context of predator movement.
  • Publications


  • Postdoctoral research: Mote Marine Laboratory  
  • Ph.D. University of Queensland
  • B.S. Zoology, Colorado State University