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Euan Harvey

Marine Ecologist - Curtin University

Research Locations: Christmas Island; Cocos Keeling Island; Northern Kimberly

Professor, Curtin University

Euan’s research focuses on how physical (both natural and man-made) structures and oceanographic processes influence the composition and distribution of marine fishes, sharks and rays. He is also researching how anthropogenic activities such as fishing, climate change, increases in marine noise (eg. seismic surveys) influence their populations. Over the last 20 years a focus of Euan’s research has been developing, testing and implementing robust fishery independent sampling techniques. Many of these techniques are based around underwater stereo-video systems. He developed the baited remote underwater stereo-video system in 1999 and Diver Operated stereo-video systems in 1992.


  • Long-term changes in the distribution and habitat use of Western Australian reef fishes.
  • The processes which influence where fish, sharks and rays live.
  • The development of fishery independent techniques for sampling the relative abundance of fishes, sharks and rays.
  • Publications


  • Ph.D. & Postgraduate Diploma in Marine Science, University of Otago, New Zealand
  • Certificate in Marine Studies, Whitianga Regional Outpost of the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, New Zealand
  • Bachelor of Parks & Recreation Management, Lincoln University, New Zealand