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Jordan Goetze

Marine Ecologist - Curtin University

Research Locations: Developing countries in collaboration with WCS

Jordan is a postdoctoral fellow on the Global FinPrint Project, based at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. He was awarded a Niarchos Fellowship with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to facilitate collaborative research across 12 developing countries. Jordan’s research focuses on the assessment of fisheries and conservation management strategies and the ecology of marine fishes. He specialises in the use of stereo video technology to sample fish assemblages and has been working with and developing this technology over the last ten years.


  • The effectiveness of periodically harvested closures (PHCs) as fisheries management and conservation strategy.
  • The behavioural ecology of marine fishes.
  • The use of stereo video technology to sample fish assemblages.
  • Publications


  • Ph.D. in Marine Ecology, University of Western Australia
  • B.S. (honors) in Marine Science, University of Western Australia