With your help, we’re looking to sample remote reef locations and expand our reach into K-12 classrooms to communicate the importance of sharks and rays in coral reef ecosystems. 

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Results from Global FinPrint’s sampling will be used to identify where in the world you can find an abundance of sharks and rays, a diversity of shark and ray species, and the factors affecting their distribution. These results will be communicated to governmental and non-governmental organizations for preservation of these elasmobranch hotspots and improvement of management in areas where there are few sharks and rays left. Data from our baited remote underwater video (BRUV) sampling will also help us visually communicate our findings to a broad audience. At the end of the project, these data will be shared in an open-access database thanks to Vulcan, Inc. This collaboration will allow scientists to study other animals captured on the BRUVs such as sea turtles, sea snakes, and grouper. 

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The Global FinPrint project wishes to develop an extensive education program for wide audiences using its visually engaging content. This includes access to BRUV clips and field videos, interactive content for the public such as documentaries and web videos, and educational activities and materials for K-12 students and teachers such as video-based lesson plans.

K-12 video-based lesson plans take students on a journey to experience scientific data collection, analysis, hypothesis testing and experimental design alongside researchers through fun, interactive, technologically enhanced activities.

Florida International University has created similar video-based projects in the past featuring Dr. Heithaus’ Shark Bay research. FIU’s education coordinators design the projects, in line with curriculum standards in the schools, and typically use Emmy award-winning producer-director Patrick Greene and his company, Symbio Studios, for video production. Symbio is actively involved in producing educational videos for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Philippe Cousteau’s EarthEcho International on science and math for U.S. schools. FIU is dedicated to transforming learning in the classroom and with your help, Global FinPrint can become part of this sea change.

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Global FinPrint is the first standard survey of coral reef sharks and rays with sampling locations around the world. Because of the project’s goals and potential reach, sponsoring a reef site will help us survey high-priority remote areas. These sites require resource investment to sample and train local scientists and organizations. This sets us apart from many other shark science projects, as our legacy will continue to inform science and conservation in developing nations where help is needed the most. Your contribution can help make this possible. The project’s sampling priorities are currently:





Costa Rica



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For more information or to find out Global FinPrint’s greatest needs, please contact Florida International University’s Demian Chapman to discuss how your generosity can benefit the project.