Mark Bond

Postdoctoral Scientist

Tiger& me

  Postdoctoral Scientist, Florida International University


Dr. Bond focuses on the effects of marine reserves on sharks and rays. He employs a variety of techniques to examine questions regarding ecosystem dynamics and the ecological role of sharks. His doctoral research used baited remote underwater video (BRUV) surveys to assess the effectiveness of marine reserves for sharks and rays in Belize. His post-doctoral work will expand this research to the wider Caribbean region.

 Do marine reserves benefit highly mobile marine vertebrates that move in and out of the boundaries?

 What are the consequences of removing large predators from ecosystems?

 How do ecosystems adapt to the loss of predators?

 How long do ecosystems take to recover once impacted?

  Western Atlantic Region



  Combines tracking studies with baited remote underwater video (BRUV) surveys to assess the distribution, abundance, and behavior of sharks and rays.

  Investigates the trophic ecology of marine predators using stable isotope analysis.

  Uses research to inform policy makers in order to improve management of marine resources.

  Contributes to the City of Cape Town’s Shark Attack Advisory Panel.