Matt Rees

Postdoctoral Scientist

   Postdoctoral scientist, Australian Institute of Marine Science


Matt is a postdoctoral fellow on the Global FinPrint Project, based at the Australian Institute of Marine Science in Perth, Western Australia. Matt’s previous research has examined the use of remotely sensed habitat information to predict species distributions and better inform conservation strategies such as marine protected areas. He also has extensive experience using baited remote underwater video systems (BRUVs) and pelagic BRUVs to survey fish populations.

 Can remotely-sensed environmental variables be used to predict the distribution of sharks and rays?

 Do geopolitical factors influence patterns in elasmobranch richness and abundance?

  Indian Ocean

  Pacific Ocean

 Explores species-environment relationships.

 Understanding how environmental data can improve the assessment and design of marine protected areas.

 The use of baited remote underwater video to survey fishes.