Gina Clementi

Chapman Lab Manager

Gina Clementi

  Predator Ecology & Conservation Lab Manager, Florida International University

 Former Masters of Science student for Global FinPrint

Gina Clementi is interested in how marine reserves affect shark and predatory fish abundance and what drives these trends. By using Baited Remote Underwater Videos (BRUVs) to assess marine predator abundance and diversity in the Bahamas and Long Island, New York, she looks to better understand how anthropogenic and environmental factors influence marine predator distribution.

  Are sharks more abundant inside marine reserves because they are protected from shark fishing or because there is more prey in these management zones?

  What anthropogenic, environmental and habitat features determine the abundance and diversity of large predatory fish in the Bahamas?

  Western Atlantic Region

  Uses baited remote underwater video (BRUV) surveys to assess the abundance and diversity of marine predators in tropical and temperate ecosystems.

  How accurate are BRUVs analyzed by citizen scientists and how can their performance be improved?

  Mentors and supervises high school and undergraduate students that are analyzing BRUVs for Global FinPrint and other projects.

  Works with citizen scientists collecting BRUV data.