Principal Investigators

From left to right: Dr. Chapman, Dr. Heithaus, Dr. MacNeil, Dr. Simpfendorfer, Dr. Heupel, Dr. Meekan, Dr. Harvey

The Global FinPrint core research team consists of some of the world’s top shark biologists and marine ecologists who provide the expertise and network of collaborators to ensure that the project meets its scientific and outreach goals. Collectively they lead a team of postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and citizen scientists.

Lead Scientists

Demian Chapman
Lead Scientist

Michael Heithaus
Co-Lead Scientist

Aaron MacNeil
Lead Quantitative Scientist

Michelle Heupel
Pacific Ocean Lead Scientist

Mark Meekan
Indian Ocean Lead Scientist

Colin Simpfendorfer
Coral Triangle Lead Scientist

Euan Harvey
Lead Scientist Remote Video Analysis 

Postdoctoral Scientists

Graduate Students

Affiliated Scientists

Support Team

Rebecca Ng
Program Officer

Gina Clementi
Chapman Lab Manager

Katie Flowers
Research Assistant, Social Media & Website Manager

Brooke D’Alberto
Research Assistant

Kirk Gastrich
Heithaus Lab Manager

Steve Moore
Simpfendorfer Lab Technician

Diego Cardenosa
Research Assistant

Laura Garcia Barcia
BRUV Analyst

Jessie Quinlan
BRUV Analyst 

Our team of scientists brings together collaborators across the globe. Such an ambitious endeavour would not be possible without the help of participating organizations.

Our Collaborators

Our volunteers work hard to ensure that the thousand of hours of BRUV data from around the world are analyzed. We have five volunteer hubs: Stony Brook University, James Cook UniversityFlorida International University, Aquarium of the Pacific, and the Shedd Aquarium.

Stony Brook University